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Synthetic Data Tutorials

Following the acquisition of Replica Analytics by Aetion, the generative AI technology previously known as Replica Synthesis is now Aetion® Generate and continues to create privacy-enhancing synthetic data.

Welcome to our series of tutorials on synthetic data, its value, applications, and how it works.

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Enabling AI

Using data synthesis to enable Artificial Intelligence.

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What is Synthetic Data ?

A general introduction and overview of synthetic data and its uses.

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When to Synthesize

Making a case for using and getting value from synthetic data.

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How Good is Synthetic Data ?

Defining and assessing the “goodness” of synthetic data

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Managing Identity Disclosure

An overview of the key privacy risks that data synthesis is meant to manage.

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Privacy Law & Synthetic Data

International trends in privacy law relating to synthetic data.*
* This is based on a webinar given in 2019.
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Synthesis Methods

An overview of the techniques used to generate synthetic data.

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