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Our Technology

Following the acquisition of Replica Analytics by Aetion, the generative AI technology previously known as Replica Synthesis is now Aetion® Generate and continues to create privacy-enhancing synthetic data.

Meet Replica Synthesis

Our machine learning technology generates privacy-enhancing synthetic data that maintains the properties of real datasets. Replica Synthesis software provides fast and effective access to high-utility data while meeting regulatory obligations. Our methods include privacy assurance to ensure minimal privacy risks. 

There is no one-to-one mapping between original and synthetic data, so data generated by Replica Synthesis is considered non-identifiable. Our solutions are scalable and will work with both large and small datasets. Replica Synthesis 3.0 also boasts an intuitive new UI, which makes it easier for analysts to train generative models and evaluate their utility and privacy.

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Key Features of Replica Synthesis

We aim to make data synthesis and data sharing simple for end-users.

Synthetic Cohort Builder

Query and integrate data from multiple data sources and generate synthetic variants of the cohorts.


The software is built for small and large structured data and can handle complex datasets.

Synthesis Report

Automate a synthesis report to describe data, methodology, synthesis and utility results, and any limitations.

Privacy Report

Automated privacy risk reports including the risk assessment methodology and results.

Software Development Kit

SDKs support multiple data science and software engineering end-users.

Integration Abilities

Comprehensive REST API for integration with multiple and varied front ends.

Data Synthesis & Privacy Assurance

Replica Synthesis is the future of data sharing and access. Our technology is innovative, trustworthy and privacy-enhancing. 

Replica Synthesis Technology

Replica Synthesis is built to handle complex structured data to produce trustworthy, non-identifiable synthetic datasets.

Key Features of Replica Synthesis

Replica Synthesis Technology

Privacy Assurance

Privacy assurance technology provides the evidence needed to demonstrate compliance with various legal regimes.

Key Features of Privacy Assurance Technology

Privacy Assurance

Simulator Exchange

Through our Simulator Exchange, generative models created during the synthesis process can be saved as data simulators for data users to generate synthetic data on demand.

Key Features of Simulator Exchange

Apply Model Data consumers

Flexible Deployment

Replica Synthesis allows you to synthesize data anywhere with complete flexibility.


Access our multi-tenant deployment of Replica Synthesis on the cloud.


No need to send data externally for synthesis.

Virtual Private Cloud

Deployed on your Virtual Private Cloud.

Explore the advantages of synthetic data in your organization. Find out more about Replica Synthesis today.