Replica Analytics - An Aetion Company

Our Mission

To make the world’s health data universally and responsibly accessible for secondary analysis

Following the acquisition of Replica Analytics by Aetion, the generative AI technology previously known as Replica Synthesis is now Aetion® Generate and continues to create privacy-enhancing synthetic data.

What We Do

We develop software for generating synthetic data that protects the individual privacy of data subjects and maintains the statistical properties of real data. This enables easy, fast and effective access to high utility data that is made portable through data simulators.

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Core Solutions Offered

Replica Synthesis is enterprise software to generate synthetic data based on real datasets, and to package these in the form of simulators, regardless of where and by whom the data was generated. To help clients understand how the data was generated and the utility of the synthetic data, Replica Synthesis produces detailed reports describing the process and results. Multiple data simulators are available out-of-the-box covering different therapeutic areas within the Replica Synthesis software.

Data Synthesis Made Easy

Robust Synthetic Data Utility

Data Simulator Exchange

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Data Synthesis Software

  • Our Replica Synthesis software takes as input a real dataset and produces a synthetic variant 
  • The process is largely automated – these synthetic datasets can be generated quickly and at scale
  • The outputs are the synthetic dataset with a report documenting the utility characteristics of the data
  • A comprehensive utility assessment using validated metrics is produced documenting the quality of the generated data
  • The development and validation of AI models, and the performance of testing of statistical software
  • Amplification of small datasets (e.g., for rare diseases and pediatric populations)
  • Plan smaller studies with simulated virtual patients (e.g., for clinical trials)
  • Rescue studies that are unable to recruit sufficient patients or that have high attrition by simulating patients

Simulator Exchange

  • Package the data synthesis models as simulators within the Replica Synthesis software and these can be made available to a larger audience within the enterprise
  • Simulators can generate an arbitrary number of new virtual patients
  • Define simulated cohorts
  • Meta-data and utility assessments included with all simulators
  • All of the benefits of synthetic data become portable within the enterprise (development and validation of AI models, data for testing, data amplification, data augmentation)
  • Access simulators from external partners and data providers
  • Simulate external controls for your clinical studies

Explore the advantages of synthetic data in your healthcare organization. Find out more about Replica Synthesis today.