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Safe Data Sharing & Analytics: Gen-AI Powered Trusted Research Environment

Webinar. Safe Data Sharing & Analytics: Gen-AI Powered Trusted Research Environment

Do you have complex personally identifiable data that would be valuable to researchers and external collaborators? Are you having difficulty setting up a secure data sharing strategy?

If so, this webinar will highlight the opportunity of an integrated Digital Research Environment (DRE) platform with generative AI to mitigate privacy risks. This combination solution allows for researchers to easily request datasets within a trusted research environment with an assortment of pre-loaded analytic tools while managing re-identification risks using synthetic data generation for safe sharing.

This webinar will include a live walkthrough of an auditable secure platform to process requests for data, build a cohort, generate a low risk synthetic dataset, share that dataset, and analyze it using a mix of dashboard and analytic tools. This walkthrough will feature an example health dataset with demographics, disease characteristics, and comorbidities.

Presenters include Scott Russell, Chief Product Officer of Aridhia and Lucy Mosquera, Senior Director of Data Science at Replica Analytics.

It is suitable for: Data Analysts, Epidemiologists, ML Engineers, Developers, Chief Privacy Officers, Chief Legal Officers, Chief Data Officers, Chief Product Officers, Chief Information Security Officers