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Synthetic Data Summit 2023

Synthetic Data Summit 2023

Synthetic data generation promises to solve many difficult challenges in healthcare, from a broad spectrum of privacy challenges to enabling powerful simulations to be performed.


Over the last four years there have been many developments in the area of synthetic data generation, and specifically for health data. These developments include:


  1. Improvements in the generation of synthetic data, and the ability to handle increasingly complex datasets and to scale synthetic data generation to larger datasets.

  2. The emergence of frameworks for the evaluation of the privacy risks and the utility of synthetic data.

  3. There is increasing interest, and to some extent acceptance, of synthetic data by different regulators around the globe.


In this year’s summit we will bring these developments and experiences together to provide a comprehensive perspective on what synthetic data generation is and what technologies have been found to work in practice, how it has been applied to solve healthcare challenges, how it is and should be regulated, and what the future holds / expected developments moving forward.


With a unique combination of industry, academic, government, and regulator presenters, this one day summit will provide attendees with a pretty good update on synthetic data generation and how to leverage it in their organizations.


Good for experienced professionals including:


  • Chief Data Officers responsible for a data business in their organizations

  • Data scientists in the life sciences and MedTech sectors

  • Privacy Officers / Professionals


This is an invitation-only event and a promo code is required to register. Please email us at with your name, job title and company and we’ll send you the promo code to complete your registration. The cost of the event is $200 USD.