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Training Course: Practical De-identification Methods for Health Data

Training Course: Practical De-identification Methods for Health Data

To innovate, organizations need to leverage their data, but they face many challenges obtaining access to realistic datasets while at the same time preserving privacy in a manner consistent with contemporary regulations, for example, the HIPAA Expert Determination method. Join Replica Analytics, an Aetion company, for this in-person, interactive training course to increase your skills and knowledge of modern methods for de-identification. We’ll cover: structured data, including clinical trial datasets and real-world datasets; multiple practical data transformation techniques will be reviewed, such as risk-based methods and synthetic data generation; and much more. The training course will be led by Dr. Khaled El Emam and Lucy Mosquera.

This course is intended for a general audience and does not require specific statistical or software background. There will be some technical content covered in the description of the methodology, but that will be relatively light. There will be quite detailed reference materials provided for those wishing to dive into the technical / mathematical background. Participants will get hands-on practice in assessing re-identification risk for sample datasets.

It is suitable for:

  • privacy officers / professionals
  • analysts and analytics leaders who will be performing de-identification/anonymization
  • chief data officers responsible for a data business in their organizations

There is a cost to attend this event.