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Conference: IAPP CANADA Privacy Symposium

Conference: IAPP CANADA Privacy Symposium

Khaled El Emam, Replica Analytics’ co-founder, SVP, and GM will present alongside other experts as part of this exciting conference.

On May 25th he will participate in a panel-style discussion, titled “The Barriers and Enablers to the Adoption of Privacy-Enhancing Technologies,” that covers Privacy-Enhancing Technologies, relevant regulations, and risks in processing personal information. Leading experts will compare legal, technological, industry, and regulatory perspectives. The other panelists are Fahad Diwan (Exterro), Christopher Parsons (Information and Privacy Commission of Ontario), and Teresa Scassa (University of Ottawa).

Technologies and methods will be compared—such as homomorphic encryption and synthetic data generation—in terms of how they help organizations meet privacy requirements, make sensitive data sharable, establish data-sharing consortiums, facilitate innovation, and prevent cybercrime.

On May 26th attend the conference’s closing plenary session, titled “The Next Privacy Challenge: Optimizing Data While Protecting Fundamental Rights.” El Emam joins other keynote panelists for this high-level discussion; they are Chantal Bernier (Co-chair, Global Privacy and Cybersecurity Group, Dentons); Anil Arora (Chief Statistician, Statistics Canada); Philippe Dufresne (Commissioner, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada); and Patricia Kosseim (Commissioner, Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario).

The volume and velocity of data is increasing at unprecedented rates, offering equally unprecedented opportunities for research, innovation, and governance. How can we ensure the protection of human rights by jointly providing quality information and protecting privacy? This panel explores the established and emerging principles, frameworks, and technologies to govern the ethical use of personal data.

There is a cost to attend this event.