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This page is where you’ll find news about upcoming events organized by Replica Analytics, events that we are sponsoring / supporting, or where we will be presenting, including talks, workshops, webinars, courses and conferences. Check back often to stay informed.

Conference: 15th International Conference – Computers, Privacy & Data Protection 2022

Replica’s Lucy Mosquera will be participating in a side-event at CPDP 2022 entitled State-of-Play of De-Identification Techniques, organized by the Future of Privacy Forum. This two-hour FPF Masterclass will focus on synthetic data, differential privacy, and homomorphic encryption developments and feature experts in each area. Attendees will explore how each method can potentially reach anonymization and the measures and controls that organizations need to implement to supplement such protections. You can find out more information on the session here.

This event is only free to those registered for CPDP. The link for others to register will be available at the beginning of May.

Event: Perspectives on Regulating Privacy Enhancing Technologies: De-identification and Synthetic Data Generation

The Electronic Health Information Laboratory and Replica Analytics will host a series of panel discussions and presentations in Toronto on May 25th that bring together regulators, practitioners and industry groups. Hear different perspectives on regulating privacy enhancing technologies like synthetic data generation (SDG) and de-identification from Vance Lockton, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario and David Weinkauf, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (TBC). Receive an update from Adam Kardash, from Osler/AccessPrivacy and Canadian Anonymization Network (CANON), on efforts by CANON to standardize de-identification methodologies. Get answers from Khaled El Emam, University of Ottawa and Replica Analytics, to the most frequently asked questions about SDG.

To enquire about attending the event in person in Toronto, email us at

There is no fee to attend this event.

Conference: IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium 2022

This presentation is taking place at the IAPP Canada Symposium, organized by the International Association of Privacy Professionals. Our session is entitled Synthetic Data in the Real World: Applying and Regulating New PETs in Canada. Replica’s Khaled El Emam and health privacy lawyer Anita Fineberg will unveil results of a new study exploring how innovative privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) like synthetic data can be regulated, given Canada’s evolving legal regime. They’ll reveal findings from interviews with data protection authorities across the country, including perspectives on how these new PETs should be regulated, as well as how to reduce uncertainty, manage risk and incentivize organizations to adopt and apply them responsibly. Participants will also hear exciting case studies in the application of synthetic data generation in Canada to enable the secondary use and disclosure of health data. You can find the full conference program here.

There is a fee to register for this event.

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