Replica Analytics - An Aetion Company


Machine Learning Engineer

Ottawa or Remote- Canada

About the role:

Working at Replica Analytics, an Aetion company, is an opportunity to advance health care, AI and privacy at the same time – three of the hottest topics in the world today. Our Advanced Technology Engineering group builds and maintains services that power Replica Analytics’ synthetic data generation software. If you enjoy a highly interdisciplinary, innovative and supportive environment, this may be the right job for you.

We are hiring software engineers to:
  • Collaborate with our Data Science and Replica Synthesis Product teams to integrate methods and technologies developed by Data Science into production software.
  • Measure and ensure accuracy of Replica Synthesis analytics features.
  • Evaluate and improve existing Replica Synthesis analytics features.
We are looking for an individual to develop robust, scalable, and maintainable production machine learning pipelines. We are looking for a:
  • Self-starter with experience developing software, processing big data, and implementing machine learning / deep learning models.
  • Strong communicator with the ability to understand data science concepts and express software design ideas.
  • Strong interest in working with a remote team and a willingness to ask questions and share information with the rest of the team.
  • Dedication to detailed testing and delivering high quality software.
A Machine Learning Engineer at Replica Analytics usually has 2-4 years of experience in some of the following areas:
  • Building backend software applications in Python
  • Automated software testing (unit, integration, behaviour)
  • Experience with data analysis frameworks (Pandas, Numpy)
  • Experience with machine learning frameworks (Scikit Learn, LightGBM)
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks (PyTorch, Tensorflow)
  • Experience with distributed computing (Ray, Spark)
  • Experience with SQL and ETL tools
  • Background in statistics or computational mathematics

How To Apply

Consider joining the Replica Analytics team. We are a trusted leader in a rapidly growing market. We offer competitive compensation and many opportunities for growth and development. If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume to