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Cutter Publishes Update on Synthetic Data


The Cutter Consortium just published an executive update on synthetic data that is intended to inform technology and analytics executives about what synthetic data is and when it can be applied.

Synthetic data provides a privacy protective mechanism to broadly use and share data for secondary purposes. Using and sharing data for secondary purposes can facilitate innovative big data initiatives and partnerships to develop novel analytics solutions. This Executive Update provides an overview of the use cases for synthetic data, how to generate synthetic data, and some legal considerations associated with synthetic data’s use.

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The topics covered are as follows:

  • The Challenge
  • What is Synthetic Data ?
  • Managing Privacy Risks
  • Identity Disclosure for Synthetic Data
  • Data Utility
  • Statutes and Contracts
  • Application Challenges
  • Conclusions


The Cutter Consortium is a community of experts providing advice and insight to clients.

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