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Predictions and resolutions for synthetic data

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By Dr. Khaled El Emam  Posted On: December 21st, 2021 The end of the calendar year can be an opportunity to take stock and see what expectations materialized, as well as to look forward at and consider what’s to come. Over the course of 2021, we certainly watched with great interest as Forrester and Gartner […]

Discover AI publishes 7 key use cases for synthetic data in the pharmaceutical industry

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By Replica Analytics staff  Posted On: December 16, 2021 With the rapid growth of synthetic data generation (SDG) as a modern privacy enhancing technology (PET), we are often asked how it can be used in practice. A new paper[1] published this week in the latest edition of the international journal, Discover Artificial Intelligence, explores 7 concrete and interconnected use […]

New Gartner survey suggests synthetic data is the future of data sharing

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By Dr. Khaled El Emam  Posted On: November 9th, 2021 In a new study, the number-one prediction by Gartner, the global research and advisory company, is that synthetic data will result in better privacy. These latest findings are consistent with what we’ve been experiencing as a data synthesis company. This is exciting news for organizations looking […]

Ten Recommendations for Regulating Non-identifiable Data

Ten Recommendations For Regulating De-identification

There is considerable activity today in regulatory development and updates around the privacy rights of individuals in Europe, Canada, the US, and elsewhere. This includes guidelines, standards, and regulator orders and opinions. Many of these efforts will need to (re)define what non-identifiable data is and how its development, use, and disclosure should be regulated, so […]

Replica Analytics Joins Alberta’s Synthetic Data Project

(Ottawa, June 16, 2021) Replica Analytics announces a partnership with Health City to join an innovative Alberta collaboration with the Institute of Health Economics, Merck Canada, Alberta Innovates, and the University of Alberta. The project, announced in May , will explore the potential uses for synthetic health data, and will support the acceleration of research in the field […]

Replica Analytics Adds Bench Strength to its Health Technology Brain Trust

(Ottawa, June 9, 2021) Replica Analytics announced today the formation of an Advisory Board and its first three members. The three new members have extensive experience in health research, data analysis, data sharing, and bringing health technology innovations to market. Anil Sethi is the CEO of Ciitizen, which is a platform that helps patients turn paper records into computable […]

Replica Analytics and Euris Launch Cloud-Based Data Synthesis Platform

(Ottawa, June 2, 2021) Replica Analytics, a leading provider of health data synthesis technology, is partnering with Euris Health Cloud® bringing to market a unique and easy-to-use cloud-based data synthesis solution: Replica Synthesis. While Euris Health Cloud provides a secure hosting platform designed to meet strict regulations for the processing of personal health information in Europe, Replica […]

New Partnership Between Aridhia and Replica Analytics

New Partnership Between Aridhia and Replica Analytics May 26, 2021     (Ottawa, May 26, 2021) Aridhia and Replica Analytics announced today a new partnership integrating the data synthesis solution from Replica Analytics with the Digital Research Environment (DRE) from Aridhia. The combined offering gives clients a powerful capability to rapidly provision and make data […]

Replica Analytics Announces New Funding from Nina Capital

Replica Analytics has closed a financing round with Nina Capital. This new funding injection will enable Replica Analytics to continue developing our data synthesis technology and expand our capabilities for creating robust simulators and digital twins. The additional funding will allow our team to accelerate innovation and translate these innovations into easy-to-use products.  Our Replica […]