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8 Really Good Reasons to Work at Replica Analytics


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At Replica Analytics, we’re always looking for great people to join our growing, talented team. With all the different job opportunities out there, why choose Replica? We asked staff, through an anonymous survey, what they like best about working at our company and here’s what they said.



1. We care a lot about the mission.

Replica’s mission is to Make the world’s health data universally and responsibly accessible for secondary analysis. We get inspired by this common goal and the real-world impact we can have to help a lot of people through our work.


2. It’s exciting to be involved in some of the hottest issues.

We enjoy the fact that the day-to-day work in developing and deploying our data synthesis solutions combines healthcare, AI and privacy – three of the most important topics in the world today.


3. We’re never bored.

The work is highly interdisciplinary, so we get to explore and be involved in a variety of different areas and projects, and we get to solve interesting and novel problems. Every day we’re breaking new ground in both data science and product development, which is challenging and satisfying.


4. Our colleagues are nice, super smart people.

We’re kind, we encourage and help each other, we share ideas, and we learn from one another. It’s a very supportive and cohesive environment and there’s a real team mentality. Everyone has an important part to play and is needed to contribute to our overall success.


5. Our leaders trust us.

We don’t operate in an overly structured or top-heavy environment. Management is transparent and wants to hear our views. We’re trusted, encouraged to work independently and we always feel like our efforts are appreciated by the Replica leadership team.


6. The compensation is good.

Pay isn’t the only thing that draws us to a job, but it’s an important factor and at Replica, the compensation is competitive and fair, and there are a lot of other excellent employee benefits too, such as the flexibility to work remotely.


7. We learn new skills that boost our careers.

There are tremendous opportunities for learning and rapid professional development at Replica, and this is one of the things we appreciate most. It’s an ideal place to gain a range of valuable and highly sought-after skills in the latest and most cutting-edge technologies and techniques. And this is great for our career advancement.


8. Synthetic data is a growing area and so are we.

You may have heard… synthetic data is the future of data sharing. It’s a highly innovative privacy enhancing technology that helps organizations collect, use and share data and overcome many of the obstacles of more traditional de-identification techniques. Clients, investors, media and regulators have recognized this. Replica is at the forefront of it all. It’s a growing market with huge potential for even more growth, which makes it a fantastic time to join.


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