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Delivering on the Promise of Synthetic Data

Replica Analytics is the premier science-based Synthetic Data Generation technology provider to the healthcare industry. Share, reuse, protect, amplify, and augment your sensitive data with our highly advanced privacy and utility preserving methodologies.

Share Information Securely With Synthetic Data Generation

Our synthetic data generation technology offers trusted solutions to protect sensitive information and share data more freely with fewer regulatory constraints. It is a responsible way for organizations to share and reuse data internally and externally.

Backed by research, our technology is widely used in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, as well as other sectors.

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Introducing Replica Synthesis

Using real datasets, we employ machine learning and deep learning techniques to generate on-demand privacy-and-utility-preserving, synthetic datasets.

Our machine learning models retain the statistical properties and patterns of the original dataset to produce high-utility synthetic data with privacy-enhancing properties. We understand all datasets are not made equal and have built our technology to work with both tabular and relational, large and small datasets. 

With no one-to-one mapping between the original and synthetic data, data generated by Replica Synthesis is considered non-identifiable.  This can be tested using our unified privacy assessments.

Don’t Stop Halfway When Managing Privacy Risks

With decades of experience in privacy protection, we have one of the most advanced privacy assurance technologies in the industry, giving you the compliance evidence needed to demonstrate very small privacy risks in your synthetic data. 

Our privacy assurance solutions implement a complete risk assessment methodology. The only one on the market covering multiple disclosure risks simultaneously.

Security and Technology illustration
Security and Technology illustration

Share, Augment & Amplify Your Data

Quick, Flexible, Non-Identifiable Data

Unified solutions for evaluating privacy and utility are unique to Replica Analytics. Our technology is an advanced form of de-identification and offers easier, quicker access to data and fewer constraints than traditional methods.

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What Users Are Saying

Hugh O’Reilly Executive Director, Innovate Cities

Innovate Cities has used Canadian technology and leading Canadian governance practices to build CityShield, a data sharing platform. In order to succeed, a data sharing platform must earn the trust of the communities that it operates in. In order to gain the trust of people who live, work and visit Canadian urban centres, Innovate Cities made the commitment not to transmit or hold any personally identifiable information on its data sharing platform. In order to meet this commitment, the technology developed by Replica Analytics has been fully integrated into our data sharing platform. The integration process was efficient and has helped us to create a world leading data sharing platform.

Reg Joseph
Reg Joseph CEO, Edmonton Health City

Synthetic data enables us to use the power of health data to drive better health outcomes while simultaneously protecting individual privacy — this is a game changer.

Rebecca Li
Rebecca Li Executive Director, Vivli

Synthetic clinical trial data from Replica Analytics enabled our teams to solve innovation challenges successfully. Realistic data and privacy assurance allowed us to make information available with minimal friction to access and sharing.

Head of Transparency Global Pharmaceutical Company

Synthetic clinical trial data generated by Replica Analytics is being used across multiple business lines, such as data science and statistical programming. This has allowed easy and broader access to data for our internal teams and partners, and enables us to accelerate our innovation agenda.

Vice President Database Company

Realistic synthetic data from Replica Analytics allowed us to demonstrate our data integration and analytics software to a prospective client quickly. What was going to be a months-long process to deal with the data privacy concerns and regulations happened in only days. Synthetic data helped us prove out the business case and accelerate the customer acquisition significantly.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our team brings deep academic expertise and decades of international knowledge in machine learning, privacy protection and data analysis. We are credible experts with experience in applied research and building successful businesses that serve large global clients.

Dr. Khaled El Emam

Dr. Khaled El Emam

SVP and General Manager

Lucy Mosquera

Lucy Mosquera

Director Of Data Science

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